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Solidity Fridays is weekly live stream series. Every Friday we come together and update you on the latest developments of the web 3.0 space through interesting topics!

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How it all began

Solidity Fridays first aired on Twitch on the 12th of November in 2021.
The first co-hosts were Ben Sparks, Will Schwab, and Rory Simmonds.
The three solidity magician from
Linum Labs, a Swiss-South African
blockchain developer company associated with ETH Cape Town 19’
23’, came together every Friday to delve into the murky depths of
code and guide our early viewers through the most interesting and
latest products of the Web 3.0 world. Although their ways parted
with Linum Labs along the way,  Solidity Fridays continued to grow
and develop its  unique style and approach to analysing even
the most difficult concepts of the Solidity programming language.  

Where we are now

As a product of Linum Labs, we began inviting Linum developers over to host Solidity Fridays with the guys. Later on, in September 2022, we introduced our brand new lead host, Tamara Ringas, solidity developer and master of zero-knowledge cryptography. Behind the scenes, we have set up an operations team to help Solidity Fridays achieve its true potential. We have more than 6 years of experience in teaching Solidity and our main goal is to provide a hub of information where our beloved viewers can
expand their knowledge, grow and explore the mysteries of Solidity.